About Us

Our Vision

- To develop our educational facilities into places of constructive learning, making them recognizable through branding and quality product offering.

- Ensuring we equip our students with the necessary tools, to give them the competitive edge when entering the job market

- Through our affordable pricing structures, ensure that historically disadvantaged students, are offered the opportunity to take part in the wider context of the national transformation agenda, by furthering their education

- To establish ourselves as the employer of choice

- To establish ourselves as the educator of choice

Our Mission

* Provide quality education to our target market * Provide a variety of of faculties with a broad choice, making us the first choice to students * Affordable products of a high quality * Enhance the levels of study to ensure the student stays with us * Stay ahead with modern technology * Entice students to buy into the brand, thus enhancing the bottom line felling part of the company * Become aware of our opposition and continuously refine our approach by: - Measuring our performance against key indicators - Analysing the feedback from our customers and other interested parties - Responding promptly to internal and external influences that may affect our business

* Our services standards are designed to exceed expectations through our investment in: - Staff - who put customers first and delight them with our responsiveness - Systems - that are easy to use, designed for and with our customers - Innovation - exploring ways to develop and improve our products and service levels - Variety - offer a wide range of products, both local and internationally acceptable. * To be committed to providing expert advice, guidance and support to all our students * To become recognisable to our customers * Project professionalism to our customers in everything we do * Become a profit centre * Become the benchmark education provider in South Africa * Be driven by strong leadership who rewards excellence * Promote life-long learning